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When do I need to water?

General watering time is when the lawn starts to brown on its tips from lack of water. We recommend for a sustainable lawn to water it twice for 30 minutes separated by more than 3-4 days, or once for 45 minutes. You would want to do this if it has not had water for around two weeks or you see evidence of it needing water from the browing of the grass tips. This will help you keep your lawn healthy from the stand point of watering. We will handle the rest. 

How long do I need to mow after my lawn was serviced?

You can mow 24 hours after a lawn is serviced. If you have bermuda you can mow it within 30 minutes of the application being complete. Just be sure to mulch your clippings! 


How long do I need to wait before my kids or pet can get back on the lawn?

If you are on the organic program you can let them get back on the lawn after 20 minutes, or until its dry. If you are not on the organic program we always ask you to wait at least 30-45 minutes! 


Why do I see this weed in my lawn every spring to early summer?  

This weed is called Burnweed Or American Fireweed and it cannot be preemerged for reliably. It Germinates in thatch and the preemergence sinks lower to stop most weeds. If this weed gets obnoxious to you and your family call us or use the contact form and we will get someone out to spray for it as soon as we can! 


Can I pay over the phone?

YES! Even though we are not a large company we can still handle the charges associated with credit card payments and we have people in the office regularly from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM to handle any payments you may need to make or answer any questions you may have! Also dont forget you can also register and pay with the MY ACCOUNT feature on our website by clicking on it above! 


I spotted a mushroom in my lawn. Is its health at risk? 

If it is after a rainfall during the summer you are normally fine. Its not uncommon. 


My Lawn is Zoysia, how should I trim it? 

We strongly recommend bagging your clippings if you have zoysia and not removing more than a 1/3rd of the cutting height. 


My lawn is Bermuda, how should I trim it?

We strongly recommend mulching your clippings if you have bermuda and not removing more than 1/3rd of the cutting height.


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